Performax Excel MG

National Perfomax Excel Multigrade Diesel oils is a high-performance, shear-stable multigrade diesel engine oil specially formulated product for a mixed fleet operation operating under server service conditions.

Recommended for use as single oil in mixed fleets with both light and heavy-duty engines where multigrade is preferred. It may be used in both naturally aspirated and turbo-charged engines in all kinds of service conditions.


  • Exceptional thermal stability and oxidation stability.
  • Good protection against corrosion and rusting.
  • Enhanced protection against wear.
  • Protection against high temperature piston deposits.
  • Maintains control of oil consumption.

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Performance Standards

  • API CF-4
  • MIL-L 2104 E, 46152 D
  • MAN 270/271
  • CCMC D-4
  • VW 501.02/505.00
  • Cummins NTC–400
  • MACK EO-K/2
  • CAT TO-2
  • Allison C-4

Typical Characteristics

SAE Grade 15W40
Specific gravity, 15 °C 0.888
Flash Point (COC), °C 232
cSt @ 40 °C 105.3
cSt @ 100 °C 14.3
Viscosity Index 139
Total Base Number, mg KOH/gm 11.0
Sulphated Ash, m % 1.20
Zinc, m% 0.11
Pour Point, °C -24

Handling, Health And Safety
Lubricant consisting of highly refined mineral oils with specific additives. In normal conditions of use this lubricant presents no particular toxic hazard. All lubricants, of any kind should be handled with great care, particularly avoiding any contact with the skin.

Prevent any splashing and keep away from combustible materials. Store under cover and away from any risk of pollution. Disposes off the used oil correctly, don’t pour down drains, into watercourses or the soil.


Shelf Life For Our Products Is Five Years From The Production Date